Let’s connect.

One of my favorite parts of doing the wildish work is getting to connect with fellow soul-seekers and meaning-makers. I’d love to hear from you and look forward to receiving your message.

“My work with Joanna has been an evolving, enlightening, empowering and healing journey of self-discovery. It has opened up personal doors that had been closed and sealed. Joanna masterfully creates an open, positive, kind, non-judgmental and enlivened environment that encourages you to set your pace in how you delve through the readings, projects, guided worksheets, and activities of creative expression. She offers new ways of viewing things, educates you and challenges you with guidance from various approaches, and gives you powerful tools to recognize and manage issues. She gets to know who you are and gently offers gifts to your empowerment. She helps you grow your wings and supports your flight.” - Reni R.