Six months ago, over the dreamy new moon in Pisces, I launched the first official women’s circle of Wildish Collective, a soul-seeking community of women journeying through the tales of full-bodied femininity found in Women Who Run With the Wolves.  Sink or swim, it was time for this sacred vessel to set sail.

On the evening of our first gathering, I asked each member to set an intention for their time in the collective.  I wanted each woman to ponder what it is they would like to see change or be created in their lives from their time spent immersed in the transformative power of story and archetypal energies.

My intention for the new moon in Pisces was this: To be a continual, uplifting source of inspiration to you and to help you bring more of your wild, authentic nature into everything you do. 

I sincerely hope this has been true for you.

On Friday, the 13th. the moon is making her return to the imaginative sign of Pisces, but this time she is shining full, marking the culmination of the lunation cycle that opened back when she was new in the same sign. 

When our lunar lady reaches full illumination in the same sign where she was new six months prior, it does not mean that your intentions have reached full bloom and you should now be running off into the sunset laughing like the wolf woman in La Loba, never to be seen again.  Rather, the moon at her greatest illumination is an invitation to reflect on where you were back when she occupied the opposite pole (hello, duality!).

Take a moment under the light of the moon this weekend to consider, what was occupying your mind and heart space, when the winter moon was dark with untapped potentiality in the dreamy, oceanic sign of Pisces?  It was early March (the 6th to be exact) and the promise of spring was buzzing just underground.   This simple thought experiment is a beautiful way to add a little intentionality into your busy schedule.

Flip through your digital calendar or the pages of your planner.  Tapping into the routine of that time may awaken memories in your emotional body.  If you work with the cycles of the moon, perhaps you wrote down your intentions.  Retrieve them, then compare to present day.

Where do you find yourself now as the brilliant summer moon stands ready to surrender to crisp, autumn nights?   What has worked?  What didn’t go so well?  Can you see tiny green sprouts bursting through the skin of the seeds you have watered with your care and conscious attention? Is there a tiny bud?  Have you raised a sapling?  A full canopy of leaves?  Pumpkins on the vine?  Or are your seeds still incubating?  (Quite literally, I have pumpkin vines that are ten feet long that have only beautiful orange blossoms, and not a pumpkin in sight). Wherever you are, you are right on time.



This month in Wildish Collective, we are learning how to savor the fruitful wisdom of the body and nature in the tale of La Mariposa, Butterfly Woman.  She is Wild Woman incarnate, completely at home in her full, unapologetic, joyous body.  She exists in her own magic, and in her own time.  Her dance is legendary – people come from the world over to see her – and she calls souls to awaken.

Butterfly Woman is serious #goals.  And, while we are on the subject of new moon intentions​ and being totally at home wherever you go, this is the perfect time to tell you about my second new Moon in Pisces intention.  Here it is, verbatim, from my journal:

…also, the perfect house will reveal itself to me as the spot for my business for one-on-one office and large group space – when I see it, I will know very clearly it is mine, and get it with ease.  

That said, I have exciting news to share with you (drumroll please):  on Friday the 13th, I arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee to pick up my tiny, shiny new office… a 1967 Airstream Globetrotter!  She needs a little work, but she’s got good bones (of course, all the best ones do).

Now, technically, she’s not a house and ease is not a word I’d use to describe the process to get her – I’ll spare you the details of all the hoops, and loops, and hurdles – but she is quite literally a dream come true, even if at first glance not quite what I imagined. 

Beginning mid-October I’ll be working full-time out of my new little office on wheels!  And as the full moon also encourages us to release and to adapt, I am letting go of my original vision of four walls and a firm foundation.

I am sharing the unfoldment of my adventure with you, to give you a taste of the delicious magic of our nearest cosmic companion.  Whether or not you can see her, she hangs suspended in the sky in an eternal embrace with our earth body, always at the ready to support your dreams.



What we imagine, we make possible. Every month when the moon is nestled in the same degree and sign as the sun, there is an open invitation to speak your soul’s desire into existence.

The next new moon will take place on Saturday, September 28th in the harmony-loving sign of Libra. Mark your calendar to spend a few mindful moments, sowing the seeds of your intention.  Speak your truth, write it down, stow it away and plan to check back in on April 8th, when she’s returned to Libra fully lit.

With the magic of the moon behind you, there is nothing you can’t do. 

Thank you so very much for being on this wild ride with me.

I am forever wanting to know what’s on your heart and mind. Tell me: What were you dreaming up last March?  What will you create next? Leave a comment for me below and let’s make some magic together.

Love & wildness on wheels,

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