“Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it.” – Reginald Ray, Ph.D.


Our wildish nature comes from within. To be wild is to be self-willed.  It’s trusting our intuition and following our inner voice. It’s no longer buying into the myth of balance, or conforming to the expectations around us – but finding freedom in the everyday, and weaving meaning into the mundane.

This is connecting with our inner world, while still living in the “real world” and showing up as the most unapologetic and authentic expression of ourselves at home, at work, and in our social circles.


To be wildish means owning your whole story, beginning a new relationship with yourself – your light, your dark, your deepest wounds and your greatest gifts.


Embodying your wildish nature means learning to accept and be all parts of yourself, in all areas of your life, unapologetically, knowing deep in your bones that a life well-lived, depends on it.



Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want. You just know something has to change.

As a fellow soul-seeker and meaning-maker, maybe your list looks a lot like this:

You’re seeking higher consciousness and a way to make meaning out of the neverending hustle and bustle of modern life.

You want to stop looking to others to inform how to live your life.

You want a deep, felt sense of connection to who you are at your center.

You want to learn to carve out time for what matters most.

You want to connect to your inner world while also living in the “real world.”

You know in your head there’s a greater purpose to this one wild and precious life, but you want to really know it. You want to feel it in your bones.

You want the experience of knowing that who you are is so essential.

You want to own your whole story and embody all of who you are.

You want to shed all the expectations and embrace your eccentricities.

You want to live life everyday with intentionality that comes from authenticity.

You want to step into your fullest, most authentic expression and show up as the truest, most unapologetic version of you.

You want to embody and express your Wildish nature.

Become a part of a growing community of meaning-makers journeying into the inner world to shape our real-world lives with intentionality and authenticity.

It’s time to come home to yourself.  To embody – fully and unapologetically – the woman you were born to be.  Wildish Collective is a community of women committed to journeying into the wild unknown within.  Where you will learn to navigate your inner terrain in order to make sense of your life, come to a place of profound healing you never knew was possible, and to discover and reconnect to all of who you are deep in your bones.

Jungian analyst, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D. wrote the book on what it means to be a fully-alive, fierce feminine creature.  Wildish Collective is an original, one-of-a-kind offering thoughtfully designed – from my own experience studying with Dr. Estés – to help you lay your life story alongside the myths and stories found in Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Here’s what you’ll do:

Gather with fellow soul-seekers and meaning-makers to learn how to honor your whole story and create sacred space for your wild, authentic Self to emerge.

You will learn:

– The ancient art of storytelling & basic story structure
– The importance of story & why it has been used across cultures throughout human history as a tool for people to understand themselves, the world around them, and their place in it.
– How to lay your own life story alongside any story, most especially the myths and stories found in Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Month-by-month, bone-by-bone, and hair-by-hair, we will dig deep into a new story, spending a full month on a single tale extracting the medicine it has to offer you.



Two recorded video lessons + a live group coaching call designed to get you deeply rooted into the story and connected to your wildish nature.

Week One: Video lesson #1 goes live

Featured story-telling and a full lesson on the key components of the highlighted tale, plus a step-by-step guide for identifying the parallels and patterns at play in your own life.  You will also receive a beautiful, full-color worksheet designed to help you find yourself in the story and glean powerful insights you will use to deepen your understanding and your connection to Self.

Week Two:  Live group coaching call

We’ll be live in our Zoom room on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm Central Standard Time for live group coaching for anyone who would like to explore the tale more deeply and receive additional support. 

Week Three:  Video lesson #2 goes live

A second lesson teaching you actionable tools and practices for embodying the insight gained from your exploration of the story.  You will actively apply the wisdom of each tale to bring resolution to the challenges you face and empower yourself as the authoress of your own life story.

In our final week I’ll be live in our private Facebook group for a live Q & A to wrap up the month’s tale and answer any and all remaining questions and to support your integration before we move onto our new story in the following month! 

Join Wildish Collective


A virtual gathering space to explore, express & embody your wildish nature

$33 / month



Interested in attending live Wildish Collective gatherings in the OKC area? Click here to join the waitlist!

Here’s what you’ll get

The stuff:

–  A workbook and worksheets beautifully designed to support your transformation and guide you through laying your life story alongside the stories from Women Who Run With the Wolves.
– Thoughtfully curated homework assignments, journal prompts, and guided visualizations for deeper healing and transformation.
– Private Facebook group with structured support and prompts to facilitate meaningful connection to other Wildish members
– Two video lessons, one group coaching call and a live Q & A with Joanna Lambert, LPC each month

The feels:

– Permission to own your whole story – all of your light and all of your dark
– Clear, actionable steps for taking any challenge through the four-step story process, to instantly take a wide-angle view in order to confidently reach a resolution.
– A renewed sense of purpose & a felt connection to who you are at your core and your place in this big, wild world.
– Simple, down-to-earth practices for crafting who you are – from the inside out – with intentionality that comes from authenticity
– The ability to weave meaning into even the most mundane aspects of your life
– A supportive, sacred community of like-minded others – soul-seekers and meaning-makers, just like you
– The freedom to show up as the most unapologetic and authentic version of you – at home, at work, with your friends, and in your relationships.
– The felt experience of knowing that you can face anything that lies behind, within, or ahead of you, with wisdom, tenacity, and the strength of thousands of ancestors who came before you.
– A stronger sense of connection to the great, wild unknown and an earned feeling of peace with life’s mysteries
– The unleashing of your authentic, wildish nature in everything you do
– & the recognition that who you are, deep in your bones, is so essential; that the world needs you to show up as you are; and you are worth the effort it takes to get you there.

There are sixteen chapters total in Women Who Run With the Wolves.  We are in this together and we’re in it for the long haul.  We are going to take our time, growing deep and wide within the container of our sacred collective.

I cannot wait to see you in the community and start digging in.

Join Wildish Collective


A virtual gathering space to explore, express & embody your wildish nature

$33 / month



Interested in attending live Wildish Collective gatherings in the OKC area? Click here to join the waitlist!


“I have been discovering wonderful qualities of myself that have gotten buried in the hustle and bustle of life. I am able to take time, with a professional, who is patient, inclusive & nonjudgmental, to carefully rediscover the gifts I have that have been covered in daily obligations. I am able to center myself even if for a short time during the week. However, it has a carryover effect. I am putting my self-care in the front more often, and I have a wonderful new group of friends who are just as curious, and willing to discover. It is wonderfully healing to rediscover gifts, and release stagnant thoughts and ideas. It opens up space for curiosity and the discovery of better things, thoughts and people.” – Anna M.

Joanna Lambert is beyond her years in her understanding of human beings. Her willingness to work with and understand each different individual is amazing. The course has inspired me to look inward more deeply, journal more, let life be, accept and move forward. Play more, laugh more and to not take myself so seriously. The entire group is amazing. I am glad I was open to come, do the work and allow for personal growth. – Sara H.

“It was a profound experience that changed how I viewed myself, other women and the world. Being a part of this special group of women, lead to discoveries and changes that were surprising and enlightening. It was like finding a treasure chest with layers of insights and gifts. The journey was lead by a knowledgeable, talented, compassionate, kind and brilliant counselor. Joanna’s leadership not only enhanced the experience, but was the element that created the environment that allowed it to be.” – Reni R.