“Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it.” – Reginald Ray, Ph.D.


Our wildish nature comes from within. To be wild is to be self-willed.  It’s trusting our intuition and following our inner voice. It’s no longer buying into the myth of balance, or conforming to the expectations around us – but finding freedom in the everyday, and weaving meaning into the mundane.

This is connecting with our inner world, while still living in the “real world” and showing up as the most unapologetic and authentic expression of ourselves at home, at work, and in our social circles.


To be wildish means owning your whole story, beginning a new relationship with yourself – your light, your dark, your deepest wounds and your greatest gifts.


Embodying your wildish nature means learning to accept and be all parts of yourself, in all areas of your life, unapologetically, knowing deep in your bones that a life well-lived, depends on it.



Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want. You just know something has to change.

As a fellow soul-seeker and meaning-maker, maybe your list looks a lot like this:

You’re seeking higher consciousness and a way to make meaning out of the neverending hustle and bustle of modern life.

You want to stop looking to others to inform how to live your life.

You want a deep, felt sense of connection to who you are at your center.

You want to learn to carve out time for what matters most.

You want to connect to your inner world while also living in the “real world.”

You know in your head there’s a greater purpose to this one wild and precious life, but you want to really know it. You want to feel it in your bones.

You want the experience of knowing that who you are is so essential.

You want to own your whole story and embody all of who you are.

You want to shed all the expectations and embrace your eccentricities.

You want to live life everyday with intentionality that comes from authenticity.

You want to step into your fullest, most authentic expression and show up as the truest, most unapologetic version of you.

You want to embody and express your Wildish nature.

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